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We are an independent software engineering consultancy based in Oslo, Norway, specialising in full stack application development, deployment, and automated testing with Node.js/Python and Vue.js/React.

End-to-end Testing

We created and are maintaining the open-source framework Nightwatch.js, based on Node.js and the Selenium Webdriver protocol. We're deeply passionate about software quality and testing.

Frontend Development

We work with Javascript and front-end since the AJAX enlightenment days, through the jQuery modernity, and up to and including the post-modern React and Vue era.

Rest APIs

We love building and deploying scalable Rest-based services with Node.js or Python, using cloud technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, or Serverless.

Continuous Deployment

CI/CD pipelines can be cumbersome to setup and maintain. We work with TeamCity, Jenkins, Azure Pipelines, AWS CodePipeline, CircleCI, or TravisCI.

Full-stack Development

We can also take charge of the entire application stack, from architecture design to deployment, testing and writing docs.

An Agile Consultancy

We have extensive experience with working with Scrum and Agile processes in various types of teams and organisations.

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