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Pine View was started in 2014 as an independent software engineering consultancy based in Oslo, Norway. We specialise in full stack web application development, deployment, and testing with Node.js, React.js, Vue.js, and Django.

We are engineers with more than a decade of software development experience in a diverse mix of teams, from various types of companies and organisations located in Romania, Cyprus, Netherlands, and Norway.

As consultants, we work mainly as part of development teams working on complex data focused projects in companies and organisations operating in sectors such as energy, scientific research, and internet speed monitoring.


As a 100% bootstrapped company we have the freedom to choose projects which we believe in and we have the opportunity to form strong connections with the organisations with whom we collaborate.

We are passionate about Open-Source Software and driven by working in diverse and inclusive teams. We are maintaining the testing library Nightwatch.js, one of the most popular end-to-end testing solutions for Node.js.

The Team

Oana Botezat


Full-stack Development (Node.js, Vue.js, Django) / DevOps (AWS, Serverless)

Andrei Rusu


Full-stack Development (Node.js, React, Redux) /
DevOps (Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernetes)

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