We’ve got some news and exciting developments regarding Nightwatch that I’d like to share with you. We're quite confident to say that the Nightwatch.js project, started back in 2014, is entering a new major phase in its development.


But first… One of the main updates is that we have stopped development to our own cloud testing platform – Nightcloud.io. We’ve pulled the plug on it I’m afraid. This is due to various reasons but the main one is that we didn’t see enough demand for it to justify the investment. We decided to focus on Nightwatch alone and try and make it the most sophisticated and user-friendly open-source testing framework out there.

Community Updates

BrowserStack have recently announced their on-going commitment to support Open-Source by creating a new Program Office – a dedicated engineering team still part of the company, but only contributing to open-source software. More details can be found on their blog.

If we want to make Nightwatch reclaim its game-changer status in the automated testing industry, we can hardly do it alone. I am happy to report that Nightwatch is one of the main projects to which the new Open-Source team at BrowserStack, led by core Selenium committer David Burns, is contributing.

Nightwatch V2

We believe Nightwatch users will find the upcoming v2 version pretty exciting. Work is already under way. We are completely reworking the transport layer to use the official Selenium Webdriver bindings for Node.js which means more seamless browser integration, better and more reliable DOM element handling, and overall more stable and faster tests.

Additionally, we are also working on other new features, APIs, and integration with other tools like Appium or Playwright.

Tell Us Your Opinion

We would very much appreciate it if you’d take the time to fill in this short survey and tell us about features you are using or would like to see in the new version.

Here’s the link: https://forms.gle/ahi2bTk7Kz4og8VK9. Please do share it with your team.

That’s it! Feel free to get in touch with us using the contact form on the homepage. You can also follow us on twitter @pineviewlabs to stay updated with what we’re working on.